Yes, you read correctly. This is not a misprint.  The institute for war and peace reporting cites a practice among  some Congolese men who believe that raping infants will bring good fortune.  Be WARNED.  Some portions of this article are graphic.  All I can say is that this is deplorable and unacceptable.  The following is an excerpt taken from the article.  Click the link to see the article in it’s entirety.

Mulamba says superstitious beliefs are a chief reason for the newly reported crimes, with perpetrators apparently believing that sex with infants can bring about wealth and happiness.

This is also the view of Chantal Manda, the mother of a ten-month-old child who was raped by her husband in April 2009, an incident that at the time was widely reported by radio and television stations.

More than a year later, Manda recounted the story to IWPR.

“My husband used to dig for minerals in a quarry,” she said. “One evening, he came home saying he knew how we could get rich like our friends. He said I would have to let him sleep with our daughter. After the sexual intercourse, he said he would bring the blood to the soothsayer and we would get a lot of money.”

Manda says that she refused her husband’s request. But she claims he raped their daughter when she left the house the following morning to go to the market.

“I didn’t take long at the market,” she said. “When I came back, I found my child crying and my husband carrying her. I checked her diapers and saw she was bleeding.

“I called my mother who told me to take her to a doctor. Much to my surprise, he said the baby had been raped. I reported this to the police. My husband was arrested and is now serving his sentence in Kasapa prison.”

After he was arrested, the father, Augustin Ndambwe, spoke to the press and confessed to the crime.

“I saw a soothsayer who told me I would get a lot of money by taking the virginity of my child and bringing him the blood, which he would then use for magic,” he said. “It was my poverty that led me to act in this way.”

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