Be part of the solution to End Sexual Violence Now.   We support the work of local organizations working to end sexual violence.  We are embarking on a campaign “change for change.”  You can help make a change.   We know that sexual assault and rape are not sexy.  They remain, to some extent,  shrouded in taboo and hidden from public discourse. Yet every 2 minutes someone is the victim of sexual violence  i.e., rape.    Rape  is public health problem with tremendous impact on the health of  individuals their families and society at large.   Sexual violence is as impactful on the public health as HIV and some forms of cancer.  The TRC  provides low cost and  no cost care to victims of various kinds of trauma.  Perhaps you know some of these survivors. Or perhaps you are a survivor.  Please come by and visit our center.   Please help us and make a donation to the Trauma Recovery and Rape Treatment Center .

Be part of the solution and support change for change.

Other ways to support the TRC’s mission to end violence NOW

  • Make a donation by phone. Call 415-437-300 and ask to speak with Jon Dean Green.

  • Make a gift in honor of someone special

  • Make a gift in honor of someone’s memory

  • Give a gift of stock in kind

  • Include us in your estate planning

Your contributions may be tax deductible.

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