VOTERS in Oklahoma will  be asked whether there should be an amendment outlawing Islamic law, or sharia law in state court decisions.  Sharia (Arabic شريعة, “way” or “path”) is the sacred law of Islam.  Muslims believe Sharia is derived from two primary sources of  Islamic law; namely, the divine revelations set forth in the Quran, and the sayings and example set by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

Oklahoma will decide this Tuesday whether or not state courts can use Sharia law.   This  vote appears to in part due to a decision by a New Jersey judge who ruled that Islamic Sharia law superceded US law in the case of a woman seeking a restraining order against her husband whom she asserts had been raping her.   Judge Joseph Charles ruled that the  defendent committed no crime as he was acting in accordance with his Islamic beliefs.  An appellate court eventually overturned the verdict and granted the restraining order.   One has to wonder whether or not Oklahoma is overreacting and if logic is fueling this debate or anti-islamic sentiment.   This post is not intended to be an indictment against Sharia law or Islam.   We have no axes to grind about any specific religion.  We take umbrage with any doctrine, practice or law that promotes violence  against women directly or indirectly.  We  cannot support any practice or law that does not recognize the equality of women and men.

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