Rape is such an ugly word.  We hide it behind such niceties as sexual violence, gender based violence,  and violence against women.   Yet day in and day out all over the world   someone is raped every 2 minutes.   Some stories we hear about and others are lost to the wind.    We have had enormous success in raising awareness about sexual violence.  There remains much work to be done.   Ending sexual violence will not happen in a vacuum.  It will not stop just  because we want it to or because we turn a blind eye to it.    Sexual violence, gender based violence and violence in general will not just go away.    Gender based violence is not someone else’s problem.  It’s my problem, it’s your problem,  it’s our problem as a society.    Rape  and sexual violence are wrong.   Rape as a form of physical and psychological  torture,  rape as a human rights violation,  rape as a weapon of war,  rape as a tool of power, control and coersion.   Whatever the motivation or seeming justification,  rape is just wrong.   Lack of funding for sexual assault  prevention,  research, outreach,  and  treatment  continue to thwart the efforts to end sexual violence especially in developing nations.   Even here, on this side of  the world, the so called civilized world,  clinics and sexual assault treatment centers struggle to kee their doors open as counties look to reduce health care costs.    The  UCSF Trauma Recovery Center and Rape Treatment center of  San Francisco faces a never ending battle of threatened closure and funding cuts.  The center’s budget is under  one million dollars and provides services to victims of  violent trauma including sexual violence.  Despite the centers’ proven efficacy  it likely to be facing another battle to avoid closure.     Ending gender based violence seems to be low on the needs assessment despite alarming evidence that such violence is on the rise world wide.   Rethinking the issues mandates that we prioritize our efforts to stem the rising tide of sexual violence.

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