Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous as “corrective rape.”  Imagine my “shock, awe and bewilderment”  as I read an article recently on www.lezgetreal.com about the alarming rise of sexual violence against lesbians in South Africa.  This now seemingingly ubiquitous practice is referred  to as “corrective rape.”    Supposedly the purpose of such violence is to cure the suspected lesbian.    Although it’s likely that  this type of sexual violence has been longstanding it most recently came to the attention of the international community when a young lesbian, Millicent Gaika, was raped and brutally beaten by her attacker,  Andile Ngoza.    Andile Ngoza was arrested intially and then released on bail and remains out on bail despite the brutality and callousness of his crime.   The trial is not yet underway and it’s likely that Andile Ngoza will go unpunished.   The case of Millicent Gaika has ignited a firestorm of support across the world.   Ndumie Funda, the executive director of  an organization that  offers services to victims of corrective rape, has been instrumental in spearheading a petition to have corrective rape designated as a hate crime by the minister of justice in South Africa.   The petition is still in circulation.  Luleki Sizwe is an organization that serves the needs of victim of sexual violence.  These are predominantly lesbians of color.   Luleki Sizwe is a grassroots organization located near Cape Town South Africa.    Luleki  Sizwe  is in need of funding and support.  You can support their cause and their work by  making a monetary donation.

Please make a direct transfer into Luleki Sizwe’s Bank Account:

Account Name: Luleki Sizwe LBT Women’s Project
Business transaction account 071362940
Branch code 024909
Swift code SBZA ZA JJ

NPO reference number 084-394

You can read more about the Millicent Gaika story at http://lulekisizwe.wordpress.com/2010/11/06/millicent-gaikas-first-court-date-report-back-from-ndumie-funda/

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