We are expanding our focus and our fight to raise consciousness about the plight of women world wide. Having spent nearly a month in India drove home a painful reality on the status of women. In some parts of the world the lives of women are determined and controlled by the dictates and desires of men. Did you know that for all intent and purpose there are some countries such as Indonesia that have no working program to assist victims of sexual violence. Women can’t be raped as they have no rights. Although much has been achieved in raising awareness of women’s rights on a global scale much work remains to be done. We remain committed to our primary goal of ending sexual violence now against women, men and children. In keeping with this primary goal we have decided to expand our conceptualization of violence to include those culturally supported and sanctioned beliefs and institutions that deny women equal rights and in effect reduce women to chattel. We are taking a zero tolerance approach to any institution that sanctions violence towards women in any capacity. To this end we will feature blogs, articles, and organizations with an expanded focus on the plight and status of women world wide.

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