I love Scarleteen.com. This is perhaps one of the best social media sites for user friend information about sex and sex education.  Take note.  It’s not just for teens.  Check it out.

The following was taken from Scarleteen’s amazing post  “Drivers’ Ed for Sexual Superhighway:  Navigating Consent.”

Columbia University Health Service’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Program provides these consent traffic lights:

Signs You Should Stop

You or a partner are too intoxicated to gauge or give consent.
Your partner is asleep or passed out.
You hope you partner will say nothing and go with the flow.
You intend to have sex by any means necessary.

Signs You Should Pause and Talk  Flashing Yellow  Proceed slowly

You are not sure what the other person wants.
You feel like you are getting mixed signals.
You have not talked about what you want to do.
You assume that you will do the same thing as before.
Your partner stops or is not responsive.

Keep Communicating Green light

Partners come to a mutual decision about how far they want to go.
Partners clearly express their comfort with the situation.
You feel comfortable and safe stopping at any time.
Partners are excited!

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