Be sure to read the Huffington Post article .   Is there such a thing as a legitimate rape.  What year is this?  I am beside myself when I think about the impact of such carelessness and the power of words to shape public opinion.  I do have to thank Representative Todd Akin for his thoughtless comments which have stirred the debate on the national front.  I want to applaud President Obama for taking an immediate position that Rape is rape. Why is this so important? Well for one we still grapple  basic falsities regarding rape that shape public opinion and successful prosecution.  For example although this is changing  people generally believes that rape only happens between strangers, two  it’s only rape if the victim suffers some injury, three husbands can’t commit rape against their wives.  It’s important because a person of Representative Akins stature and power has the ability to shape, shift and change public opinion. By using such languaging as “legitimate rape” he infers that there’s good rapes and bad rapes.  How absurd and how careless.  Rape is rape and no really does mean no.

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