Our mission is simple.  We want  end sexual violence all over the world.  We are  a concerned group of advocates, nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, psychologists and community organizers who believe that every one has the right to live a life free of violence in any form.  We believe that sexual violence is a global health concern.   We cannot live in a world where violence is used as a tool of oppression and control. Although our primary mission is to end sexual violence we hope to foster a global community of health care providers  and concerned citizens of the world who work together to develop  prevention, education and outreach programs that seek to end sexual violence now.

We are looking to partner with local and national organizations to help develop innovative, creative and cutting edge programs.  We also seek to partner with programs in developing countries to develop culturally sensitive, culturally relevant and culturally appropriate outreach efforts.  You may reach us via email at lubolin@mac [dot]com.

Many of our posts are culled from other websites we support and blogs that carry the message to end sexual violence now.  We also use images that we own the rights to or we believed to be in the public domain.  If we have mistakenly used an image   or  resource which you believe requires the author’s permission please contact us so that we may do the right thing and give credit where credit is do.

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