The month we celebrate the UCSF Trauma Recovery center located at 2727 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94114.  The TRC  grew out of the vision, passion and commitment  of a group of health care providers working in the trauma field.  Their vision was to create a national model of  service delivery for victims of all types of trauma.  It is the mission of the Trauma Recovery Center  to reach out to members of our community who have suffered from trauma, violence, and loss.  The center is dedicated to promoting healing by providing respectful, compassionate, and effective mental health and medical services.  Over the last two years the center has been in the eye of the financial storm.  The center provides  counseling and therapy services free of charge to victims of violence.   Research has supported the link between trauma and psychological impairment and impaired health status.  Thanks to the efforts of many “friends” the center will continue to deliver, at least for now,  high quality, compassionate care to victims of trauma.   The center recognizes that times are hard and every penny counts.  Please consider making a donation of whatever amount you can give to the trauma recovery center.   Love saves the day.

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